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Options for "Green" Portable Toilet Services

In the past several years, an important conversation has been happening regarding the environment and our impact on it. Every industry needs to take note of what they can do to lessen this impact. In this industry, offering a green portable toilet service is a natural first step.

When is a Green Porta Potty Rental the Right Choice?

Each individual has the right and responsibility to make his or her own choices. It is easy to say that any portable toilet rental company should offer an environmentally-friendly option, but these types of services are still emerging. As the options improve, however, more and more people will be able to take advantage of them.

One of the best times to utilize a green portable toilet service are when the event has an environmental theme. Green weddings, for example, have become highly popular. It would make sense to ensure that the porta-potties for these events fit within that theme. Likewise, a construction site focused on LEED-certified buildings would miss a major opportunity if the portable toilets were not green.

What Makes a Portable Restroom "Green?"

Generally speaking, portable toilets use quite a number of chemicals. The holding tank is deodorized, for example. With a green portable toilet service, the chemicals used will most likely be free of formaldehyde and alcohol and will be nontoxic. In the same vein, the cleansers and solvents used to clean the toilets can be rather harsh. Green services will work to find alternatives that are biodegradable and nontoxic. Aerosols, Butyl, and Glycol will also be avoided.

The waste from portable toilets should also be considered. Green services will more likely use chlorine free paper products, many of which are made from recycled materials. Both the paper products and the water used in flushable stalls can be conserved through dispensing systems. Gray water from sinks can even be treated and recycled at a certified waste treatment center.

How to Find a Green Portable Toilet Service

Not every restroom rental company is going to have their own green portable toilet service. Fortunately, the number that offer this type of service is growing. When choosing the right service for your event or construction site, be sure to review their website or call them directly to ask about a green service. The more often these options are requested, the more likely a business is to add them to their inventory.

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