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Rent Mobile Restrooms & Shower Trailers

Request rate quotes for luxury mobile restrooms and self-contained portable shower trailers by filling out the rental request form below. Utilize a single form to generate pricing and availability for several different types of executive restroom rentals and 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 28 head shower models. Conveniently receive cost estimates and formal quotes for rentals via email. No matter the circumstance, special events, natural disaster relief or job sites in remote locales, Mesa Waste provides dependable portable sanitation solutions and top of the line mobile shower trailers Nationwide.

Rent Mobile Showers with Restroom Stalls

High-end trailer facilities with shower stalls and toilets provide the utmost in convenience and comfort. Self-contained and mobile, pre-fabricated shower trailers with restroom stalls are available for lease or purchase. We provide several models, from single shower and toilet units, to 28 private stall showers with restrooms and urinals. If you are in need of mobile showers and sanitation solutions for any event, job site, occasion, during the time of disaster or in preparation, including hot water shower facilities, look no further than Mesa Waste Services.

  • Water Efficient Toilets
  • Marking Proofed Epoxy Back Flooring
  • China Sinks
  • Steel Cabinets and Chromed Vanity

6 stall shower
3 mens - 3 womens Private Shower Stalls

Interior Stall Shower Rental
Shower Stall

Restroom Shower Area Interior
3 Shower Stall, 1 Restroom Stall, 1 Sink

Portable Shower Trailers

Portable Shower Trailers and other mobile fresh water solutions can be quickly mobilized to nearly any location across the United States. Showers with private and public configurations have a variety of options to accomodate any situation. Self-contained trailers of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 28 head shower stalls can be transported to disaster sites, construction job sites or any other location requiring hot or cold water showers. A supply truck will need 25' access to service the trailer. Most models are capable of city water connections and can be conveniently connected into sewer lines. A good example is the Ameri-Can Engineering Eight Plex. The unit below has 8 stalls with a gray water holding tank capacity of 800 gallons and a 275 gallon (nonpotable) fresh water tank.

Ameri-Can Engineering 8 Plex
8 Plex View
8 Plex Diagram

8 Stall Exterior Mobile Shower
8 Stall Mobile Shower Exterior

8 stall interior Mobile Shower
8 Stall Mobile Shower Interior

8 stall Dimesions Mobile Shower
Dimensions 8 Stall Mobile Shower

Deluxe Shower Restroom Trailer
Portable Shower Trailer

Deluxe Shower Interior
Chrome Shower Interior

16 Head - Stall Shower Trailer Rentals


Interior View 16 stall shower
Private Showers w/ Dressing Rooms

Lease Large Mobile Shower Trailers

28 stall mobile shower trailer rental
Trailer 28 Stall mobile showers

28 stall mobile shower trailer interior stall
Private stall 28 head shower trailer

Wedding Mobile Restroom Trailers

Mobile Restroom Trailers come in a variety of makes, models and sizes. VIP suites contain separate Womens and Mens privacy partitions and have enclosed toilet stalls and porcelain urinals, ensuring a like home experience. These executive suites are perfect for upscale events, weddings and corporate occassions. View three styles of mobile bathroom facilities below. The trailers featured below are operable using 110 volt outlets with a 20 amp draw, and can be directly connected to city sewer and city water, saving renters money on pumping services.

10 Stall - Elegant Restrooms for Any Occasion

The 10 stall mobile trailer with toilets, sinks and urinals provides a fully self-contained sanitation solution that is capable of accommodating 800+ people by housing a 700 gallon waste holding tank.

10 stall mobile restroom trailer
10 stall - Mobile Toilet Trailer

10 stall womens interior toilet stalls
Interior view toilet stalls - womens side

10 stall mens interior urinals
Interior view urinals, toilet stalls, sinks - mens side

10 stall layout Restroom Trailer
Layout of 10 stall Trailer Restrooms

  • Flushing Porcelain Toilets
  • Running Water Sinks
  • Vanities, Mirrors
  • A-C or Heat
  • Rugs, Pictures and Flower - decor
  • Soap and Hand Towels

Rent Job-Site Bathroom Trailers - Self-Contained

The standard restroom trailer features fiberglass walls, non-skid flooring and water effecient toilets.

Mobile Restroom Trailer
Standard Mobile Restroom Trailer

210 Porcelain Urinal
Porcelain Sinks/Toilets
Porcelain Toilets
Porcelain Toilets/Urinals

  • Water Efficient Toilets
  • Fiberglass Walls
  • Non-Skid Epoxy Floors
  • China Sinks
  • Stainless Steel Cabinets
  • Chromed Vanity & Mirrors

22ft Standard Restroom Trailer
22 Foot Standard Restroom Trailer

Floor Plan Standard Restroom Trailer
Floor Plan Standard Trailer Restroom

33ft Standard Restroom Trailer
33 Foot Standard Restroom Trailer

5-Star, Luxury Restroom Trailer

The Presidential style unit features hardwood floors, marble walls, oak trim and cabinetry.

Deluxe Restroom Trailer
Deluxe Restroom Trailer

210 Porcelain Urinal
Porcelain Urinals
Porcelain Toilets
Porcelain Toilets

Restroom Marbled Walls, Counter Tops
Marbled Walls and Countertops
Restroom Oak Trim, Hardwood Floors
Oak Wood Trim, Mens Stall

  • Porcelain Toilets
  • Marble Walls
  • Hardwood Floors
  • Oak Cabinetry
  • Oak Trim
  • China Sinks
  • Skylights & Art Decor
  • Stereo Music

180 Deluxe Floor Plan
22 Foot VIP Restroom Trailer

210 Deluxe Floor Plan
25 Foot Luxury Restroom Trailer

240 Deluxe Floor Plan
28 Foot Upscale Restroom Trailer

260 Deluxe Floor Plan
30 Foot VIP Restroom Trailer

Compact Portable Restrooms on Trailer

Rent toilet trailers with single bathroom stalls, including ADA compliant units, as well as double sided mens and womens separated facilities. We have several model trailer bathrooms available, sure to accomodate those looking for like home mobile sanitation solutions. Executive, upscale trailers and standard elegant compact restrooms are available for rent or purchase.

Compact Mobile Restroom Trailer
Compact Mobile Restroom Trailer

Interior Compact Restroom Trailer
2 Stall Deluxe Restroom Trailer

Self-Contained Solar VIP Flushing Toilets

Rent VIP flushing toilets for events and weddings. Fully self-contained units, including solar powered portable restrooms - featured below - can be transported on trailers for ultimate mobility and provide a convenient alternative to restroom facilities that require on-site power and water sources. The dual unit is perfect for around 100 guests or patrons.

Solar Self Contained Restroom
Solar Mobile Restroom

Dual NUconcept VIP Restrooms
Dual Portable Restrooms on Trailer

Quad NUconcept VIP Restrooms
Quad Portable Restrooms on Trailer

Request Shower Restroom Trailer Rental Costs


Rent Mobile Bathroom Trailers Nationwide

Rental bathroom trailers are top of the line mobile sanitation solutions. VIP and standard rental suites are available for lease or purchase, and can be delivered to nearly any location across the U.S. and North America. Our co-operative sanitation and mobile shower services are available year round. Allow us to provide a competitive quote for top manufactured trailer restrooms and mobile bathroom-shower facilities for rent, virtually anywhere in the nation.

Restroom Trailer 2 Stall + ADA Compliant
2 STD stalls plus ADA Restroom

Compliant ADA Toilet Trailer Restrooms

Mobile toilet trailer rentals that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act provide a seven to eight foot radius, allowing a wheelchair to make a 360 degree turn. Rental trailers ranging from single ADA restrooms with toilets, to large mobile units with standard and handicap accessible stalls are available... please fill out the rental request form in the center of the page. ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities (ADAAG), Appendix A, Section 36. Mesa Waste Services mobile restroom rental service ensures our customers quality mobile restrooms that conform to the required standards.

ADA Compliant Single Trailer
Single Stall ADA Restroom

ADA compliant portable toilet trailers enjoy stability reinforced construction. Entrances are ramped or at ground level for wheelchair accessibility. Stalls must have enough room for a wheelchair to make a 360 degree turn, and the toilets typically have grab bars installed. It is generally the customer's responsibility to comply with the ADA guidelines, contact us to ensure code compliance in your area.

ADA Toilets
ADA Toilet

Restroom Trailer Rental
Restroom Trailer Ramped

Rent Trailers with ADA Showers & Toilets

Shower units that comply with the American with Disabilities standards are available for lease or purchase. Each facility has an ADA compliant toilet with grab bars installed, as well as sink and vanity. These units were designed for disaster relief efforts and are the premiere choice for emergency situations. These trailers require power and water sources, operable using 110 volt outlets or generators and spigot, garden hose or a 125 gallon on-board fresh water holding tank. Single unit trailers, double sided ADA shower facilities, and in some cases, 3 stall ADA shower trailers are available for rent.

ADA Shower Trailer EXT
ADA Compliant Shower Trailer - Double Stall

Double ADA Shower Stall
ADA Stall Shower and Restroom

Natural Disaster Relief

With several outlet locations across the U.S., Mesa Waste Services is able to quickly co-ordinate and mobilize shower and restroom trailers for flood, hurricane, wildfire and other natural disaster relief efforts. Sink trailers and mobile laundry facilities are available, but in short supply.

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Restroom & Shower Trailer Quotes

Request  Shower Trailer Quotes
Rental Costs - Mobile Shower Trailers

Mobile Restroom Trailer Rental

Rent upscale mobile restrooms by filling out the online rental request form in the center of the page. Receive competitive price quotes on several different style executive restroom trailer suites with one simple form submission. Mesa Waste Services provides sanitation solutions for special events, corporate events, construction and job sites, parties and weddings.

Luxury Mobile Restroom Interiors

Luxury Trailer Bathroom
Oak Cabinetry BTM

Restroom Trailer Single Unit
Single Unit

Luxury Interior Bathroom Interior Restroom

Wood Deluxe Restroom Trailer
Oak & Hardwood Interior

EXT 32ft Interior Toilet Trailer
Hardwood Floors & Porcelain Toilets

Mobile Shower Trailer Interiors

Portable shower trailers are available for lease or purchase nationwide... please use the rental quote request form in the center of the page. Include as much detail about your event, jobsite or situation, including a site zip and address. We can conveniently provide formal estimates via email or fax. Call us at 877.279.5725.

Shower Stall Top Hat TH Shower Trailer Interior

Interior View stall 28 head shower trailer 28 stall mobile shower

2 Stall Shower Trailer Interior Shower Stall Interior

3 Stall Shower Trailer Interior Three Stall Mobile Shower Interior

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