Portable Sink Handwashing Stations

Most handwash station components, as with portable toilets, are manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE's tensile strength and resistance to many solvents ensures that the unit's structural integrity remains intact over a long period of time. Generally, handwash stations come in two sizes - two-sink and four-sink. Although color, footprint, and weight vary between manufacturers, each will come equipped with a fresh (non-potable) water tank and a holding tank into which the graywater is discharged. Usually, each sink will have a foot pedal for pumping fresh water, along with soap and paper towel dispensers.
2 Sink Station
PortaJohn 2-Sink Station
Opened Sink Station
With the increase in state OSHA requirements for separate handwashing facilities, customers have a wide range of models from which to choose. A variety of waterless hand sanitizer products are also offered by many portable toilet companies.
Waterless hand station on wheels
Polyjohn Handstand
Wash Station on Wheels
Waterless Hand station
Polyjohn Sanistand
Waterless Hand Sanitizer

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4 Station Portable Handwashing Sink
4 Faucet Standalone Sink Station
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