Mesa Waste Services Finds an Industry Niche Utilizing Search Engine Marketing

"We don't talk about the GDP, and we don't waste time complaining about how American consumers aren't buying anything..." These words came flying out of the corner of a quaint, white walled conference room at the Corporate offices of Mesa Waste Services, Inc. based out Mesa, AZ. David Gotzinger, National Sales Manager of MWS remarked, "We've seen our numbers increase 5 fold over these last 3 or 4 months compared to the same time frame last year."

The obvious next question of 'how'?... when every day the portable sanitation and mobile shower trailer rental industry waves good-bye to operating vendors and their closed down shops, the simple answer given resonated off the walls, then down the hall... "90% of our business is generated by consumers performing a Google search."

With 230 million internet users encompassing virtually every demographic in the United States, advertising goods and services via the likes of search engine powerhouses like Google, Yahoo and Bing has quickly become the avenue in which advertising firms and marketing divisions are deeply focused, desperate for top positions in order to have their offerings seen first by the market-share.

"We see hundreds of requests for portable restroom rentals and quote inquiries for service day in day out, most of which come from," explains Ben Gotzinger, Regional Sales Manager of MWS who mainly handles the sun belt regions of the United States. "The phone's been ringing off the hook, it nearly made everyone insane during the weeks leading up to the 4th (July)... just about every customer we asked had indicated that they found us on-line."

While All American disclosed that 'a heavy' investment is being made to ensure company exposure across the internet medium, the dollar figure is comparable to traditional means of advertising such as black print, phone book listings, mailers and billboards. In fact, they have completely abandoned these methods in favor of search engine marketing and other web-based promotions.

"In reality, we probably save a few dollars in the long run with marketing on the net... with the leads we see from the Mesa Waste site and our other web-based listings, there's no question it's better targeted advertising," asserts Todd Shell an owner of MWS. "I think it might be time for some small businesses to get over the intimidation factor and take a better look at the web... there's real opportunity out there. When you look at it, this market really presented itself in 2001-2002 with Google's rise to the top... it's not quite in its infancy, but it's still young."
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