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Mesa Waste Services Finds an Industry Niche Utilizing Search Engine Marketing

When Mesa Waste Services, Inc. proposed transitioning nationwide leading quote request service for the U.S. local liquid waste and shower hygiene industry from an ad based lead generator for local companies towards an actual service co-operation, the men at Mesa Waste Services LLC were a little hesitant to jump on board. "This transition carries alot of unknowns, but as many exciting whims" commented an MWS partner that chose to remain unnamed... "an element of fiduciary duty... where tremendous effort and diligency to ensure this necessary element allows our co-op local sanitation services to convert higher and sale more, while showing the same respect and responsibility that our valued consumers have come to expect from our site over the last 2 and a half years."

Ben Gotzinger of MWS was far less reserved "Since the transition, seen hundreds of requests for portable restroom rentals and quote inquries for service day in day out, all generated by's superb consumer resource." Gotzinger, Sales Manager of MWS who mainly handles the sun belt regions of the United States continued... "The phone's been ringing off the hook, it nearly made everyone insane during the weeks leading up to the 4th (July)... just about every customer we asked had indicated that they found us on-line."

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Ecustomers - Rent Porta-Potties, Mobile Restrooms, Portable Showers, Sinks and Holding Tanks - Ecommerce

Mesa Waste Services is progressively transitioning the portable sanitation and mobile shower industry towards an E-customer friendly atmosphere unveils an online booking system, capable of processing orders for portable sanitation products and services in all 50 United States. Customers seeking porta potty rentals, mobile showers and restrooms, sinks and holding tanks can conveniently request formal quotes electronically. Ecustomers that request bids for service in certain regions, will then be able to travel back to Mesa Waste's secure server (SSL) to pay for services and products online.

Vendors and suppliers in cooperation with Mesa Waste Services are afforded the ability to maintain rental fleet inventory through a unique database, which allows services to quickly adjust and maintain their pricing, charges and fees. Product options, from large mobile shower trailers to double stall standalone sinks can easily be managed online. Handy quick glance and edit features allow suppliers to adjust price costs for individual items while ensuring orders can be fulfilled with a notifying mechanism designed to prevent over-bookings.

Mesa Waste's new order processing system is innovative, to say the least. According to Jay James, an owner of Mesa Waste Services LLC, "This booking system will change the way waste companies handle customers online... to be able to streamline the customer from a formal quote, to an order form, to a payment, then to have the system auto send a work order to the supplier... to me, it's just amazing, We feel like frontiersman, because we all think it's revolutionary."

The company says they are playing with the beta version, and testing it with certain vendors in select areas of the U.S. They plan to unveil the full version soon, which they insist will be "tinkered" with constantly. However, Mesa Waste has not lead on whether or not they would offer their services as booking agents and managers for non-affiliated portable sanitation companies. But it was overheard that "they are looking into that, but that's down the line."

Portable Restrooms & Shower Solutions - Natural Disasters

Nov. 2008 -
As surface water temperatures drop throughout the Atlantic Basin, the tropical hurricane season for calendar year 2008 will finally rest. Response, recovery and restoration figures are not all said and done, but an estimate floating around would rank this season as the 2nd(1st - 2005) costliest on record - $54 billion.

While U.S. Federal, state and local agencies have revamped preparedness and response faculties as a result of the 2005 storm devastation (Emily, Katrina, Rita, Wilma), the massive storm surge that blasted the Texas coastline during hurricane Ike affirms the unpredictability of cyclone weather systems, and brings new challenges while the nation strives to better provide citizen evacuees adequate and sustainable shelter, supplies and human waste disposal solutions.

The efforts of to provide coordinated and timely deliveries of portable restrooms and fresh water showers to evacuee and response sites affected in Texas, mostly through the Internet medium, has proven to be a valuable and convenient resource for organizing disaster site services on-line. From mobilizing 8 stall shower trailer facilities for relief efforts in Beaumont and Port Arthur, to organizing and transporting 1000's of porta potties from out of state portable sanitation companies, has assisted state and local agencies, FEMA and the Red Cross with sanitary facilities and crews since the Iowa floods in June. is innovative in its ability to provide on-line portable sanitation and shower solutions across the United States, and continues to develop a revolutionary electronic booking system for customer and vendor use (early .09).

Combining the power of co-operative vendor services and a longstanding background in the waste industry, continues to pave the way for convenient and effective portable sanitation solutions U.S. Nationwide.

Mesa Waste Offers "David vs Goliath" Web Presence to Portable Restroom Industry

Mesa Waste is proud to announce a new site that provides a strong web presence for the under-represented small to medium sized portable toilet rental companies throughout the country. Historically, search engine results have been dominated by the handful of portable restroom rental companies with the financial resources to pay big money for their web sites. Mesa Waste's industry specific portable restroom rental web site levels the field by providing a one-stop site from which a toilet rental customer can request quotes from multiple restroom rental companies, whether the customer's search is for porta potties or portable restroom trailers. For a nominal monthly fee, member toilet rental companies can do away with a need for web site development while offering industry guideline information to portable toilet customers and providing links to related informational sites.

Mesa Waste's focus is based on a cost-effective advertising strategy, while striving to provide solutions that will have a positive impact throughout the portable toilet industry. MWS's makeup is combined with an experience that provides a strong foundation from which to offer an expanding array of services to the portable restroom rental industry for years to come.

Mesa Waste looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship with the "Davids" of the portable toilet rental industry.

How Many Pumper Truck Drivers Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?

Answer: What light bulb? Inside lighting has posed a problem to the portable sanitation industries for decades. A small sampling of scenarios where inside lighting would benefit those using porta-potties without sunlight are:
  • Refinery shutdowns
  • Highway road crews
  • Emergency response teams
  • Disaster relief
  • Rock concerts
  • Campgrounds
It won't be news to anyone in the portable restroom industry that a simple, cost-effective lighting source is virtually non-existent. I was still surprised at the lack of information about this issue on the internet. After several calls to portable light manufacturers, Tech Support at one company probably summed it up best by saying, "You've hit a technological brick wall." It would appear so.

However, a solution may be on the horizon in the form of LED technology. The SYLVANIA DOT-It® Dragon light, for example, currently retails for less than $10.00 at stores like Autozone, Linens-n-Things, and Lowes. It lasts up to 60 hours on 3 AAA batteries and will stick to practically any surface (including plastic).

Although the DOT-It® could be perfect for use inside special event toilet rentals, I wouldn't give it a 1 in 100 chance of lasting a day on a construction site. The good news is, SYLVANIA has expressed an interest in exploring the development of an industrial version. Anyone with input is invited to contact Constance Pineault, Product Marketing Manager for their Consumer Luminaires Product Line, 978-750-2507 ( ).

I can almost hear it now - the "CANTSMASH-it" coming to a store near you. We'll keep you posted.

A Different Playing Field

During a recent conversation with retired 49er, Todd Shell, I confessed that he was considerably more astute than my image of the average football player. His response was, "Although I've seen football players do dumb things, I've never met a dumb football player." He went on to explain that a defense player must know 120 plays when he walks onto the field and be able to identify a play from the movement of his team mates. It can change up to 9 times before the snap -- and will invariably change while the ball is in play. This obviously requires mental agility and makes the likes of Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott seem more representative of the norm than the exception.

Shell, for example, went on to spend several very successful years coaching arena football. As Defensive Coordinator for the Arizona Rattlers, he assisted the team in becoming 1994 Arena Football World Champions. While Head Coach for the San Jose Sabercats, he led this first expansion team in AFL history to win 1995 Division Championship. In 1998, he retired from football to work with various wall street based capital investment groups. He came out of retirement, however, to become Head Coach for the New York Dragons. In 2003, he was named Arena Football League Coach of the Year and led the team to become 2003 and 2004 Eastern Division Champions.

Throughout the late '80s, under the tutelage of the great Bill Walsh, Shell came away with considerably more than 2 Superbowl rings. He was able to absorb first-hand the strategies laid out in Walsh's The Winning Edge. In Shell's words, the book is a "must-read for anyone starting a cutting edge business."

Mesa Waste, his most recent business venture is exactly that. The company offers a web site that comes up in natural searches as one of the first 5 ranked (the position is expected to hit 1 or 2 within the next month or so - and to stay there). Membership on the website will be available to portable sanitation companies for just a few dollars per month. This will conceivably do away with the need for individual companies in the industry to develop their own websites -- and level the playing field by providing the same access to customers as is currently enjoyed by only national and mult-national companies.

It will be interesting to see how Shell's football strategy translates onto the internet. I, for one, am convinced he's got what it takes to pull it off.

California Toilet Rental Customers Are Given Instant Access to Local Service Providers has launched an innovative, user-friendly web site from which customers seeking California portable toilet rental services can review company profiles and request multiple quotes by simply selecting the appropriate city. The site allows portable restroom service providers to control the cities under which the customer's search will find them. In addition to its ease of use, the site provides ample space for service providers to market themselves to customers with varying and specific requirements. This is particularly relevant in California, which is home to a wide range portable sanitation customers, from the US Forest Service, the US military, the US Department of Transportation, to the oil industry, the construction industry, utility companies, disaster response teams, and local sponsored street fairs and events, school districts, park districts, campgrounds, golf courses, dude ranches, rock concert venues, sports venues, racetracks, marinas, caterers, wedding planners . the list is virtually endless.

As with most industries, portable toilet customers increasingly use the internet to locate California portable restroom companies. Unfortunately, the prohibitive cost of developing a web presence has resulted in severe underrepresentation of many existing small and medium sized companies. bridges that gap. Service providers can now do away with web site development completely while offering industry guideline information and providing helpful links to related informational sites. The customer benefits from a larger vendor pool that is truly representative of the portable sanitation industry.

Mesa Waste fully expects its web site to open up new income streams for thousands of portable toilet companies across the country. The company is currently focusing on getting the word out in California. For those asking the question, "Why should my company advertise with Mesa Waste Services?" Because increased web presence equals increased sales -- period.

New Portable Sanitation Web Site in Sync with Illinois Lawmakers

An amendment to the Private Sewage Disposal Licensing Act has cleared both Houses of the Illinois 95th General Assembly. Under the Act, licenses to pump, haul and dispose of waste from portable toilets were previously issued to individuals. The new provision shifts the licensing and qualification requirements to portable sanitation companies. Employees who maintain .portable toilets and portable, potable handwashing units. will be issued a Portable Sanitation Technician Certificate of Registration after completing a Certification Program as established by the Illinois Department of Public Health. In addition to pumping, hauling and disposing of waste, Technicians will also be certified in cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining the units. Compliance with the new law will be required within six months of its enactment.

One wonders if six months will prove to be enough time in which to implement such a large change to the current system. The Health Department will need to develop guidelines for both the Technician Certification Program and Licensing requirements for portable toilet companies. Once developed, the Department will need to quickly disseminate the information. Many companies will then be scrambling to produce documentation that meets the qualification requirements, such as safety manuals, spill clean-up procedures, etc.

A newly launched web site,, may prove to be useful during this critical transition period. The site's primary function is to serve as an advertising portal for the portable sanitation industry, providing the customer with a simple process for receiving quotes from multiple companies. However, the web designers have built into the site the ability to post information and provide links on a state-by-state basis. A link to the Health Department's web site, for example, would substantially increase its ability to get the word out quickly to porta potty companies throughout Illinois. Another feature of the site is a simple check box area on each info page where the customer can quickly see a company's certification status and established programs. This could prove to be a timely web site launch, indeed.

Portable Toilet Rental Service in Ohio is Easier Than Ever for Customers & Porta Potty Distributors Alike

Mesa Waste Services has launched a new web site,, that caters specifically to the portable sanitation industry. A customer can now request multiple quotes from local service providers anywhere in the U.S. with the mere click of a mouse. The site also provides useful customer information.

For example, multiple recalls of produce due to bacterial outbreaks over the last year have resulted in serious scrutiny of the sanitary conditions under which agricultural laborers work throughout the US. Many States, including Ohio, already have comprehensive programs that legislate the working conditions of field workers. However, porta pottys will probably become a hot topic in the legislature in the next few months.

The portable sanitation industry has a long history of developing products in response to regulations set by the federal and state governments. When portable toilets were mandated for field workers, the industry ramped up production. Production of wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant units was the industry's answer to the Americans with Disabilities Act. The increased number of women working in the construction trades resulted in production of lockable units. More recently, OSHA requirements for separate handwash facilities saw the production a wide selection of washstations from almost every portable toilet manufacturer in the world.

It seems the industry has now grown to the point where regulatory changes can be anticipated. Many manufacturers currently produce containment trays that are designed to be placed under the portable unit. This contains any run-off while the unit is being serviced and the technician simply sucks it into the pump truck and disposes of it with the rest of the waste. Mesa Waste predicts the next regulatory wave is going to be containment trays. When it's time to order, we'll be ready to put you in touch with the best service providers in your area.

New Portable Sanitation Web Site Facilitates Florida Special Event Code Compliance has launched a new web site from which Special Events Organizers can quickly find multiple Code compliant portable restroom service providers. The Florida Bureau of Onsite Sewage home page states, 'Our vision is to make the Florida onsite sewage program a model for the nation using research as the cornerstone to develop scientific standards.' This mission is evident throughout the 64E-6 Florida Administrative Code which became effective 9/24/07.

Beginning at page 27, 64E-6.0101 Portable Restrooms and Portable or Stationary Holding Tanks, you can read 3 pages of the most comprehensive regulatory requirements this author has seen. As an example, the Code exceeds Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for a minimum of 20 people per unit with once per week service by following the guidelines set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) of 10 people per unit.

Special Events requirements are quite detailed. Where other State Codes have general statements about providing adequate temporary facilities for special events, the Florida Code includes a chart which specifies the number of units required based on the number of people expected and the length of time over which the event occurs. It also specifies that special event units must be cleaned at least once daily, and the organizer is obliged to provide the local sanitation district with a copy of a contract with a portable restroom service provider at least 24 hours before the event.

The fines for noncompliance can be very costly. Following is an excerpt from the Instructions for Completing Citation for Violation Onsite Sewage Program/Sanitary Nuisance:

Part 6. ... An order of correction and an order to pay a fine may both be imposed. Enter the amount of the fine being imposed for the violations listed in Part 1. In no event shall the fine imposed by a citation exceed $500 for each violation. Each day a violation exists constitutes a separate violation for which a citation may be issued (s. 381.0065(5), FS). Fines shall be assessed from the date of the initial notice of violation. ...

This Code has some teeth.

The website provides special events organizers with a simple means for complying with the Florida Code requirement of providing a copy of a contract, as well as fast access to multiple Code compliant portable toilet companies. Mesa Waste Services fully expects to become the number one .go to. Florida website for Special Event Planning.
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