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Most portable restroom companies frown on customers moving their portable toilets for obvious liability reasons. The Half High Portable Toilet is the exception to that rule. This unit is specifically designed to be hoisted by a crane, and is used almost exclusively on high-rise construction sites.

Original models consisted of little more than a toilet seat affixed to a holding tank with modesty screens and a non-locking, hinged door that stood 4' to 4.5' high. The top was open and consisted of a metal frame with a loop that hooked to a crane for raising and lowering the unit. This design weighed considerably less than a standard unit and the minimized surface area resulted in less overall damage.

When women became part of the workforce in the construction trades, the lack of privacy from the top of the unit became an issue. (If you like colorful stories, ask a woman who went through her apprenticeship in the 1980’s about the creative ways she found to relieve herself at work.) The industry has successfully met this challenge in three ways.

Optional covers are now available on High Rise Units. As with all new portable sanitation designs, interiors are now smooth and rounded for ease in cleaning.

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