Standard Portable Toilet

Standard Portable Toilet

Rent a standard portable toilet for your next event now! The pricing listed may vary depending on your location needed for portable toilet service. Enter your zip code where service is needed, to view if the price listed is available to add to cart. If listed price isn’t available to add to cart, add this item to your quote now! Pricing may be lower or higher depending upon your area where portable toilet service is needed.

Porta Potty Rental

A Standard or Regular Portable Toilet is an enclosed unit with a door that can be locked from the inside. Although color, shape and weight vary, all are approx. 4' wide x 4' deep x 7.5' high. Most of a portable toilet’s components are manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE has a high tensile strength and is resistant to many solvents. Its applications include tupperware, laundry detergent bottles, milk jugs, fuel tanks, plastic bags, natural gas pipes, water pipes, and refillable bottles. It is also used to manufacture large sheets that line the bottoms of sanitary land fills to prevent the liquid constituents of solid waste from leeching into land and groundwater. With the use of HDPE, a portable toilet will maintain its structural integrity, thereby containing the waste and preventing pollution of surrounding areas.
All interiors consist of a toilet seat affixed over a 50 - 60 gal holding tank which contains approx. 5 gal of liquid chemical for breaking down waste, interior door lock, air vents, and toilet paper dispenser. They are usually stocked with seat covers, toilet paper and waterless hand cleaner. The interior is also designed to accommodate an interchangeable sink or urinal.
Current industry practice is to design the Porta Potty with the ability to accommodate interchangeable sinks or urinals inside the unit. In-Unit Sinks incorporate a foot operated water pump, a separate (non-potable) water reservoir, and hand soap dispenser. They discharge directly to the holding tank. Going a step further, foot operated flushing toilets are available with sinks, urinals, vanity mirror and coat hook.
Urinals affix to the interior and discharge to the holding tank. They are increasingly designed with a focus on preventing splash. Often, "Urine Blocks", activated by urine, are used which discharge a deodorant to neutralize the odor. Some states, however, have begun to ban their use because of chemical build up at waste processing facilities. The alternative is a less effective air deodorizer that masks the smell.
Urinal: The twin sheeted urinal with custom formed mounting pads not only add strength but also assist in alignment making installation a snap. The large opening combined with the unique oval design is the key to reduced splash.
Future designs may do away with the interchangeability option as several states now require a separate, stand-alone handwash station for job sites and large events.

How much does it cost to rent a porta potty?

A Porta Potty rental price ranges around $189 sometimes lower, or higher depending upon location, as well as the time you need for your rental, more rentals or for a longer time brings more discounted pricing. These units are great for construction sites, events, and festivals. At Mesa Waste Services we offer a innovative way to rent portable sanitation equipment if you require a portable toilet rental for a range of 1-10 days, simply input your zip code and if a toilet is available in your area then you can instantly book a portable toilet rental. If your zip code, or time needed for a rental does not meet the criteria you can call today, or request a online quote now.

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