Hire Local Portable Shower Rental Services

Shower Trailers come with a variety of options. Self-Contained facilities can be transported to any site that allows access for service trucks to come within 25'. Most rentals have the capability of hooking into city water and sewer lines. Units are available nationwide, . A good example is the Ameri-Can Engineering Eight Plex featured below. This unit has 8 private stalls with a gray water holding tank capacity of 800 gallons and a 275 gallon (nonpotable) fresh water tank.

Ameri-Can Engineering 8 Plex
8 Plex View
8 Plex Diagram

8 Stall Shower Trailer Rental

Trailers with 8 private stall showers provide mens and womens separated areas with changing rooms. View the example facility below. This unit is completely self-contained and is operable using 110 volt outlets and can be connected with a spigot and garden hose. Generators and large water tanks are also available if water and power sources are unavailable. These units can be rented daily, weekly, monthly and certain trailers are available for long term rental.

8 Stall Exterior Shower Trailer
8 Stall Shower Trailer Ext

8 stall interior Shower Trailer
8 Stall Shower Interior

8 stall Dimesions Shower Trailer
Dimensions 8 Stall Mobile Shower

Rent 16-Stall Shower Trailers - Mens or Womens


Interior View 16 stall shower
Private Shower Stalls w/ Dressing Rooms

28 stall Mobile Trailer with Showers and Toilets

28 stall mobile shower trailer rental
Trailer 28 Stall Mobile showers

28 stall mobile shower trailer interior stall
Private stall 28 head Shower Trailer

Shower-Restroom Trailer
Shower Trailer Ext.

Shower Stalls Interior

Trailer units with private Shower stalls, toilets and sinks can be rented through MesaWasteServices.com. Standard models consist of 1 to 8 showers, with 1 to 3 toilets. Most Trailer units have mens and womens, double sided sections, ADA Compliant Shower with Restroom Rentals(Click) are also available to and from certain locations. A good example is the Standard 6 stall Shower Trailer with 2 toilets and 2 sinks - Featured Below.

6 stall shower
3 mens - 3 womens Private Shower Stalls

Restroom Shower Area Interior
3 Shower Stall, 1 Restroom Stall, 1 Sink

Interior Stall Shower Rental
Private Shower Stall

Lease or purchase Trailer facilities with ADA compliant showers and toilets. Single units, Double sided showers with restrooms and triple stall trailers with showers are available, all of which comply with the American's with Disabilities standards and are the ideal choice for emergency situations and natural disaster relief. Click on the resource link above to get rental price quotes via email or fax for ADA compliant Shower trailers with accessible restroom stalls.

Exterior 2 stall ADA Shower with Toilets
ADA Compliant Shower & Restroom Trailer

ADA Shower Stall with Restrooms
ADA Shower Stall with Accessible Toilet

Decomtamination Emergency Showers

Another type of portable Shower is the Emergency Shower. This type of Shower is used in remote areas where workers have the potential of coming into contact with toxic substances that need to be immediately removed. These units are usually accompanied by an eye-wash station.

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