U.S East Coast Flooding - Porta Toilets & Mobile Restrooms

MesaWasteServices.com is quickly mobilizing hundreds of portable toilets, potable water sinks, shower trailer facilities and restroom comfort stations to preparedness and emergency response sites across South Carolina, North Carolina and other Coastal Regions affected by historic rainfall and tidal flooding..

Shower and Restroom Trailer facilities stationed across the Eastern Coastal U.S.

Providing mobile fresh water solutions and sanitation supplies for citizen evacuees and relief site service workers, this Storm of Historic preportions is expected to affect 22 million people and leave thousands without water and power.

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Dial 1-877-279-5725 to reach a representative Monday thru Friday, 8am - 6pm EST, or 1-480-695-4399 for non-standard business hours, Emergency 24HR contact.

Disaster Relief and Response - Portable Sanitation and Shower Rentals

Toilets, Showers, Sinks and Tank Trucks are in position and ready to mobilize thousands of portables and mobile fresh water and hygiene equipment. Daily service, delivery and pickup included is available across the Eastern Seaboard at the whim of a dial or email. We provide on-call, on-site, 24 hour operations personell, to provide citizen evacuees sanitation and hygiene solutions at displacement areas, while large 8 stall mobile shower trailers are available for both evacuees and response workers.


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U.S. Northeast Flood Relief - Temporary Toilets, Mobile Showers & Port-a-Sinks

Sufficient supplies of portable toilets, standalone handwash stations, and other sanitation and hygiene products have been made available to aid flood victims at designated displacement areas in the Northeastern U.S., where historic storms have saturated grounds with unprecedented amounts of rainfall this last week.

Rivers began cresting in Massachusetts yesterday, Thurs. April 1st, as President Obama declares the entire states of Rhode Island and Mass. as natural disaster areas in states of emergency. An estimated 200,000 people in R.I. are negotiating flooded areas, where dams have been threatened, inter-state trains have been haulted and sewer-tainted water has washed over thousands of homes, contaminating food and water. Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell has placed three National Guard units on alert to monitor the Connecticut River, expected to crest 6 feet above flood stage in certain towns.

Many Portable Sanitation Units and Shower Trailers are Available in Affected New England States
Larger requests for rental equipment that may exceed the current allotment of toilets and sinks available in Mass., Rhode Island and CT, are accomodable via several outlet locations spanning across NY, NJ, PA, MD, DE. On-Call operations personel are capable of mobilizing hundreds of units in a moments notice.

HAITI Relief - Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions

Large numbers of new and used portable toilets and sink stations are available for purchase and ready to be shipped to Haiti from several U.S. port cities including Miami and Houston. Service operators have been put on the island and are available to provide daily pumpouts, sanitary cleansings and the resupplying of toilets and handwash stations at a flat daily rate. Portable sanitation and fresh water shower equipment is available for lease as well, including 500+ toilets available for distribution on Feb. 3rd from Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic. Please use the form above to submit necessary information, or dial a representative at 1-877-279-5725 for pricing and availability during the hours of 8am - 6pm EST, Monday thru Friday... 1-480-695-4399 for 24 Hr. Emergency and Saturday, Sunday Contact.

Mobile Restrooms, Port-a-Potties & Shower Trailers - Hurricanes, Floods & Wildfires

Mesa Waste Services supplies emergency response sanitation facilities and on-call site services for federal, state and local government entities, as well as non-governmental agencies, organizations, emergency shelters and medical and food services. Many of our co-operative vendor services have considerable experience in preparing and responding to natural disasters, many of which supplied restrooms, showers, sinks, holding tanks, pumping and site services during recent hurricanes such as Katrina, Emily, Rita, Wilma, Gustav and Ike.

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