Containment Trays

Containment Trays have recently been introduced in response to local ordinances that protect groundwater and prevent run-off into storm drains. Municipalities throughout the country have begun disallowing, for example, washing a car on the street where the soap can get rinsed into the storm drain.

Five Peaks Containment Tray
Five Peaks Containment Tray

This impacts almost every industry, because businesses cannot clean engines in their trucks on site unless they have a covered bay with a run-off pipe connected directly to the sanitary sewer line. This prevents oil from seeping into groundwater and going into storm drains.

The portable sanitation industry is impacted not only in the way service trucks are cleaned, but also in the way portable toilets and wash stations are serviced. Although many portable toilet companies use biodegradable soaps, it is actually the high ph level found in all soaps that kills fish.

Enter the Containment Tray. When the portable toilet is delivered, it is set inside a Containment Tray. Run-off from hosing off the unit is then contained. The last step in servicing the toilet is to suck the run-off out of the containment tray into the service truck's waste tank.

This solution is actually twofold. If the portable restroom company's yard does not have a covered bay and run-off collection capabilities, units being picked up can be cleaned while still in their trays at the customer's site before being returned to the yard.

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