Porta Potty’s for Concerts & Festivals

Concerts, and festivals are often times in a location that normally doesn’t generally see a lot of foot traffic. All of sudden for a day, a few days, a couple weekends, or a month. An area scarcely inhabited, can see upwards of hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of people! For these events, various facilities have to been in place for all those attending. One of the most crucial being bathrooms. Often times locations of festivals and events have very few bathrooms, if any at all. With Mesa Waste Services team of experienced and dependable technicians you can make sure your festival, or concert is perfectly equipped with portable toilets for festivals and concerts!

Port-a-Potty Rental

With concerts and festivals porta potty needs may differ greatly, based upon the specific needs of the patrons, how long the event is, and how many people are in attendance. For a one night concert you may need just a few portable toilets, however when a concert turns into a multi-day event much more equipment is needed. Luckily Mesa Waste Services carries the top of the line equipment such as porta potty for concert !

When factoring what equipment may be needed it is important to take in some considerations. For example will attendees be staying overnight in campgrounds, what will the high temperature be for the day, and how many will be in attendance? For instance standard portable toilets depending on the outside temperature can get very unbearable and extremely hot inside. Our units have some insulation, but when it is extremely hot outside it can help to get a unit with an air conditioning unit on it. These units keep the inside cool all day, and night so that those in attendance can have a comfortable experience. We also have equipment which comes with the option of a flushing toilet, or a sink that has running water. For those events that many are in attendance it may be smarter to opt for a restroom trailer. Our restroom trailers differ in size, one of our team members can help you find one that fits you best. Our restroom trailers generally come with two separate entrances, for a men and women’s section. They come with air conditioning, sinks with running water, multiple stalls for privacy, and in the mens portion depending on the trailer some urinals for convenience. 

Shower Trailer Rental for Festival

At Mesa Waste Services we also offer shower trailer rentals for concerts, and shower rentals for festivals that may be multiple days and attendees may be staying overnight. Our shower trailers have the option of hooking into city water, and city sewage lines, or if that is unavailable then they are able to hook up to a portable water tank. These units start from four shower stalls, all the way up to twenty eight. These units are portable and can be moved to whatever location you desire, or what is most convenient for your attendees. 

For a free quote , or to talk to one of our experienced team members. Call today, we will be able to help you find which equipment best suits your needs, as well as how much equipment you will need!

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