Government & Military Events

At Mesa Waste Services we pride ourselves in supplying portable sanitation equipment to our military, and local, state, and federal government. Whether it’s a military porta potty for an event on base, a government toilet rental for response to a natural disaster, or another reason. Mesa Waste Services is always prepared and ready to help. With our trained, and experienced technicians we will be able to assist you in any capacity needed. With our wide selection of rental equipment you can be assured you can find what you need! Depending on your preferences or needs Some of this equipment includes portable toilets, restroom trailers, shower trailers, and portable sinks. 

Government Project Portable Toilet 

Depending on your particular need for a government portable toilet. We have multiple options. Those include our standard portable potty, our high rise/half high porta-john, and our ADA compliant toilet. Standard mobile toilets are extremely mobile, can be placed anywhere, and come with either a sink, with hand sanitizer, or a urinal. Our High Rise/ Half High Portable Toilet are mainly for construction projects of high rises. It is designed to be housed by a crane. Another option we have is our ADA toilet. ADA standing for Americans w/ Disabilities Compliant. This toilet differs from just a wheelchair accessible toilet. ADA compliant portable toilets, Being ADA compliant means reinforced construction, being ramped, or ground level. A spring loaded magnetic door which will close automatically. Something that the handicap accessible toilets often do not have. An ADA compliant toilet also has enough space inside to turn 360 degrees around. We have the lowest porter potty rental costs .

Restroom Trailer Rental

Our flushing toilet trailers offer excellent space, and privacy. Ranging from a restroom trailer which just has one stall all the way to one which offers 2 stalls to all the way to 12 stalls. These trailers offer flushing toilets, running water sinks, lighting, air conditioning, and heating. These trailers have the ability of being hooked up to city sewer, and city water and 100 volt outlets with a 20 amp draw.  If any of these are unavailable, we have the option of using a holding tank, a portable water tank, and a generator. No matter the location, our your resources, or lack thereof. Mesa Waste Services will make sure you have all the equipment you need. To have a smooth set up, and use of our restroom trailers. For a government restroom trailer, or military toilet trailer call today!

Shower Trailer 

Shower trailers like bathroom trailers, come with city water and city sewage connections. But if needed can come with a holding tank, portable water tank, and a generator. Our shower rental units just need 25’ access from the supply truck to set up. These units start at having just 2 shower heads, all the way to 28 shower heads depending upon what is needed for a specific event or situation. Our military and government trailers with showers for rent are perfect for any need.

At Mesa Waste Services we pride ourselves on being prompt, and flexible depending on your needs. Call one of our experienced staff member today to receive a quote, or receive answers to any questions that you may have!

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