Longterm Portable Sanitation Rentals

At Mesa Waste Services we are routinely renting out portable toilets, portable sinks, restroom trailers, and shower trailers for various amounts of times. Sometimes a day, a week, a month, or months. Whether its specific equipment you need, or a longterm portable toilet rental. We have you covered! 

When renting longterm a few things are included with your rental, to make sure the portable sanitation equipment is kept in tip top condition, and is ready for use continuously. Included with your rental is a weekly cleaning, as well as when required a complete clean out, pump out, and resupply. Units which are rentals for longterm are generally charged on a 28 day advanced billing cycle.

Equipment Type for Extended Rental Periods


Longterm Porta Potty rentals can fill a variety of roles, whether it be a job site, or renovation zone. Porta potty’s take up relatively little space, can be used many times over without having to be emptied, and can be placed basically anywhere. Each of these interiors have a 50-60 gallon holding tank which contains approximately 5 gallons of liquid chemical for breaking down waste. This eliminates smells, and with such a large holding tank this unit is perfect for many different events!

Standalone Handwashing Station

Portable sinks are another excellent option for a piece of equipment that may be wanted for a longterm rental. These portable hand washing stations are excellent for places with a sink for hand washing may not be present. This units come with either a single faucet, all the way to four faucets. The most common are dual, or quad sink units. Each of these sinks come equipped with a water tank, and a holding tank in which gray water is discharged. Usually each sink has a foot pedal which can be used to pump fresh water. 

Mobile Trailer with Toilets and Shower

Our restroom trailer rentals for longterm , and shower trailers although they can be moderately to large in size can be placed basically anywhere. These trailers have options to be hooked to city water/sewer lines, and power if these are unavailable then the trailers can come with a water tank, holding tank, as well as a generator. 

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